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Regulations for Online Course Selection

Revised in July 2010


A. Principle Rules for Course Selection 
1.Students should draw up inpidual study plan and select the courses under the guidance of supervisor of ECUST or related department within required period of each semester. Before this, students need to read the Major Program Booklet and the Course Selection Booklet carefully.

2. The online course selection is pided into three sections---primary section, formal section and revision section. The time for each section will be notified by Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office of ECUST. Students may utilize the computers connected to campus Internet to select courses.

3. In order to finish all the courses on time, students should firstly choose compulsory courses and then optional courses based on their own likes and learning capability. The total credits for each semester should range between 16 and 32.

4. If the same courses were taken more than once, only the highest credit would be valid. Not the other way.

5. General education courses are available for all students; basic courses for subjects are valid for students in those majors; specialized courses are only available for major students.

6. If a course requires for advanced course study, it can only be selected after the completion of required study.

7. Only after finishing the process of course selection, can students start to take courses and the corresponding assessments. Without this process, the credits are invalid. Without withdrawal process and absence of the course and assessment, the credit is invalid.

8. Without authorizations, students are not allowed to log in other’s account and do anything related to course selection.

9. At least 15 students are required for starting a course. If the number is less than 15, the course will be closed (except experiment class).

B. Time Arrangement
1. Preparation: before selection, Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office of ECUST will print and hand out the course selection booklet to all schools and release related information online. Before selection, students must assess teachers ’teaching performance and submit the result.

2. Online selection sections:

1) Primary section:Starting at about the 16th week of each semester, the teaching class will be formed through priority policy and random lot.

2) Formal section:Starting at about 17th week of each semester, students who have not selected in the last section can make their choice until the limit of the class is reached

3) Withdrawal and revision section:Staring at the 2nd week of the next semester, students who need to adjust their courses can make some changes here. As the teaching resources are limited, students should think carefully before making decisions.

3. Form-filling selection: After the sections are all finished, students for some reasons still needs to change their courses can fill in application forms in the Academic Office of related school and submit the form to Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office in the 3rd week of the new semester.

4. After finishing selection, students need to print out inpidual course timetable as selection evidence. Any oral promise for course selection between teacher and student is invalid.

C. Others

1. Students applying for course exemption must select the course online and complete relevant formalities according to Regulations on Credit System Management of ECUST.

2. P.E. Course selection: only primary and formal sections are valid and the time periods and procedures are the same with other courses. Students can withdraw and revise their selection in the 2nd week of the new semester duo to the local changes by the academic affairs office.

 3. Experiment course selection: in principle, only time window is available to experiment courses. Students must choose the virtual window online, and then select experiment content in labs.



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