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2017 ECUST Undergraduate Programs


Study Length:4 years

Schools and Websites
Chemical Engineering and Technology
Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation
Light Chemical Engineering
Resource Recycling Science and Engineering
Biology Science
Biology Technology
Food Science and Technology
Food Quality and Safety
Applied Chemistry
Materials Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Preparation
Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering
Polymer Materials and Engineering
Composite Materials and Engineering
New Energy Materials and Devices
Energy and Power Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Safety Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Material Formation and Control Engineering
Process Equipment and Control Engineering
Safety Engineering (Safety Monitoring Technology)
Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation
Electrical Engineering and Automation
Information Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Software Engineering
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Information and Computing Science
Applied Physics
Optoelectronic Information science and Engineering
Economics and Related Disciplines (incl. Economics, Finance Programs)
International Economics And Trade
Management Science and Engineering (Incl. Information Management and Information System, Engineering Management, Logistics Management Programs)
Business Administration and Related Disciplines (Incl. Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management Programs)
Accounting and Related Disciplines (Incl. Accounting, Financial Management Programs)
Social Work
Public Service Administration
Labor and Social Security
Industrial Design
Landscape Architecture
Visual Communication Design (Arts)
Environmental Design (Arts)
Product Design (Arts)
Digital Media Art (Arts)

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