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1  Exemption
Students have obtained the credit of courses they took previously through self-study or other means to master the teaching contents of a course can apply for exemption of the course. After the teacher’s approval by interview, they are allowed to take finals of the previous semester. Those whose test scores are 75 or B above can be exempted from this course and the score of this course shall be recorded in accordance with the reality. (see more details in the Implementing Details) 
2  Free Listening
In order to improve the initiative of students, ECUST allows students to apply for free listening to parts of the course. Students applying for free listening course shall choose the course in the Online Course Selection System of the Academic Affairs Office and apply for free listening.   After the teacher’s approval by interview and ratification of head of department, they are allowed to take free listening courses and directly take finals. The score of this course shall be recorded in accordance with the normal assessment and those who do not attend the lectures without permission will be recorded as absenteeism.(see more details in the Implementation Details)
The following conditions shall be exempted from applying for free listening:
1. Students who have been warned of termination;
2. General selective courses, political theory, moral education, physical education, military theory or practical teaching activities (including experiments and design) courses. 
3  Delayed Examination
Students who cannot take the exam within the required time except for Force Majuro shall fill in the delayed examination application form in person and provide relevant verification (If incapable of applying in person because of illness, monitor or parents may hold the relevant verification on behalf of the student. Upon the signature of Department Dean, Students shall go to the Academic Affairs Office ask for permission. The score of delayed exam will be recorded in accordance with the reality.
Absence from normal examination without permission is recorded as zero score and cannot apply for delayed examination. Students who fail delayed examination or are absent from delayed examination without permission must re-take the course. Delayed examination procedures in principle may not be submitted after the examination. (For delayed examination procedures see the implementation details). 
4  Supplementary Examination
All majors listed in the East China University of Science and Technology Undergraduate Teaching Program in addition to general education elective courses has both the normal examination and supplementary examination. General education elective courses in principle have merely normal examination with no supplementary examination, and students may obtain credits by re-reading or re-selection of other courses. Supplementary Examination is generally arranged at the beginning of each semester, and students shall not apply for delayed examination. 
5  Course Re-taking
Students who fail the examination or whose course score is unsatisfactory may retake the course. There is no limit on times of course re-taking within the stipulated period of study. The final score of the course is recorded in accordance with the highest score of the course. Assessment of scholarships and recommendation of graduates are based on score of the first time. (See the implementation details for the re-taking procedures).

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