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Notice of Application for 2020 ECUST Outstanding International Graduates



  • Eligibility

The applicant should be able to graduate before Jun 30, 2020 and get a degree of bachelor, master or doctor. The number of ECUST outstanding international graduates will be not more than 10% of the total number of international graduates.


  • Criteria

1. Comply with Chinese laws, regulations and school rules & regulations, with excellent moral qualities;

2. Respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people, safeguard and promote friendship and solidarity among peoples of all countries;

3. Respect teachers and the school, behave decently, maintain a harmonious relationship with classmates, and care about the collective;

4. Be hardworking with excellent academic performance, strong practical ability and innovative spirit;

5. Actively participate in activities organized by schools and colleges, and be enthusiastic about social welfare;

6. Those who have been disciplined or have bad records during study will be dismissed for application;

7. Under the same conditions, those who have received awards, published academic papers, or won honors for the school will be given priority.

  • Standards

Undergraduate and postgraduate total scores = GPA× 60% + Published papers and scientific research achievements during the time of study × 10% + Social activity performance score × 30%

Ph.D. total score = GPA×10%+Published papers and research achievements during the time of study ×60%+ Social Activity Performance Score×30%

  • Procedure

1. Download the application form on the CIE website (Download-Study) . Complete the form and submit it to liangcheng@ecust.edu.cn by email before Apr 30, 2020.

2. CIE will be responsible for the review. The list of outstanding international graduates will be published on the CIE website and WeChat public account.

3. Certificates of honor will be awarded to the outstanding international graduates


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