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The International Students of Our University Achieve Good Results in the 2019 Shanghai International Students' Chinese Poetry Reading Contest


2019 Shanghai International Students' Chinese Poetry Reading Contest, themed as “Meaningful Poetry, Ode to Friendship”, has been held at Fudan University on September 10th. The works selected from our university the Spring and An Eulogium on a Humble Cell respectively won the Best Popularity Award and the Best Creative Award. This contest is sponsored by Shanghai Language Commission, Shanghai Education Commission, Government of Yangpu District and undertaken by Fudan University. More than 300 international students from 18 universities have signed up for 2019 Shanghai International Students' Chinese Poetry Reading Contest with the theme of “Meaningful Poetry, Ode to Friendship”, and 43 programs have been sent to the municipal intermediary contest. Finally, 18 programs selected by 13 universities stood out, and entered into the stage of Live Show. The Live Show consisted of four chapters: Ancient charm (Jiangnan ), Prevailing Custom (Huaxia), Time River (Time), Dream Building (Times).
The Spring, one of the programs selected by our university, students’ beloved masterpiece of deep emotion and tenderness, was excellently performed by our international contestants in standard mandarin and appropriate body language. Hence, the audience can truly feel their love for the brilliant traditional Chinese culture. The solo perfromance, An Eulogium on a Humble Cell, whose performers dressed in ancient charm and recited in a free and easy look, won much affection of audience. Apart from our competition programs, the Peking Opera Ode to Pear Tree , as the support show combining Tai Chi performance from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, made an innovative and stunning appearance and brought down the house. 

As a Poetry Contest designed for the International students, International Students' Chinese Poetry Reading Contest has been held since 2017, which has attracted extensive attention and active participation of international students from universities in Shanghai. The poetry recited in this time setting “ Chinese Poetry Ode to 70th Anniversaries of Motherland” as the core concept, aims to meet with Poetry Recitation, meet with friendship and meet with culture exchange. Therefore, it would show the results of international students in Shanghai reading Chinese poetry, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, so as to deliver the beautiful voice of China and boost the international immersion of the splendid traditional Chinese culture.


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