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A new semester, a great beginning -- In Autumn 2019


A new semester, a great beginning -- In Autumn 2019, the Opening Ceremony for International Freshmen of the College of International Education is held.

On September 6th , 2019, the College of International Education(CIE) of East China University of Science and Technology held a welcome ceremony for all new international students. The ceremony was held in the seventh medium sized lecture hall of Teaching building No.7. Bao Hua, vice dean of the International Education College (in charge of work management), all faculty members and international freshmen were in attendance. Zhou Haibo, director of the Admissions and Academic Affairs Office of the International Education College, presided over the ceremony. 

At the start of the ceremony, students were given a first glance at Shanghai’s charm as well as shown the history and development of East China University of Science and Technology(ECUST) through the "Shanghai innovation city" promotional video and the Chinese and English promotional videos of ECUST.
After introduction of the teaching staff in the College of International Education, Bao Hua delivered a welcome speech, both in Chinese and English, to the freshmen concerning observation of Chinese Law, performance of duties of contemporary students, interpretation of China's national conditions and cultural status, establishment of the channel linking China to the world, and due attention to school security.

Bao Hua gives a Welcome Speech

Later, Liang Cheng, deputy Director of CIE’s office, followed by officers from the Shanghai Entry-Exit Administration Bureau and Shanghai Public Security Bureau, and Mr. Gao Dejun, representing the Security office of ECUST, respectively gave lectures on school discipline, school rules, visa policies, laws and regulations and school safety. They introduced, comprehensively and in detail, the laws, regulations and safety issues that the freshmen need to pay attention to during their study in China.
Liang Cheng, Security Officer Gao Dejun and Police representatives give lectures

Finally, Huali, a Cambodian student representing the current undergarduate students and Anastasia, a Russian PhD. student representing the freshmen, shared with the new students some thoughts and new prospects of studying at ECUST. Both the Badminton and Football clubs sent out sincere invitations for students to participate in their activities, we’re all looking forward to everyone joining in the new semester.

New and current student Representatives give speeches and Sports clubs recruit new students

This autumn, the College of International Education of East China University of Science and Technology welcomed 328 international freshmen from 69 countries. The curtain of the new semester has already been opened. Let's look forward to the new journey that awaits these students.



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