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ECUST Connects The World With Chinese Language


In 2019, China is consistently promoting its reform and opening up and stepping up its education modernization. China has entered the phase where it starts to increase the quality and efficiency of the internationalization of its higher degree education. With “Chinese characteristics” principles, ECUST has followed China's education policies and grasped the trend and won a good starting in non-academic international education market. And ECUST’s efforts have been recognized by 117 international students from 31 countries.

These students in different ages with different languages, cultures and demands are gathering in this place --- ECUST. Now, they learn the same language, experience the same culture and pursue the same dream in ECUST.

These new international students are the fresh blood of ECUST. And Tian Ye, the director of Chinese Language Teaching Center in CIE, delivered a speech to welcome them at the opening ceremony. And she also introduced Shanghai, advantages of ECUST and high-quality Chinese language programs to them.

Communication between students and teachers can dissolve non-equivalence and bias. Li Jianying, teachers’ representative of Chinese Language Teaching Center of CIE, introduced overall teaching systems of Chinese Language programs. He encouraged these fresh students to work hard and improve their Chinese so that they can win a place in the international labor market.

Passing on upperclassman’s wisdom to new recruits can harmonize their different cultures and habits. Mott, a Chinese Language program student from Germany who is in his second semester, came to share with new students some details about his Chinese Language learning, Chinese culture experience as well as his own growth over the past semester. His share intuitively depicted the life and learning details in ECUST for them.

Participating can enhance the trust between upperclassmen and new students. Salim and Ahmed, respectively from Morocco and Yemen, also shared the exciting moment when they first came to Shanghai.

On March 1, 2019, new ECUST international students started their journey to pursue their dreams in China.

At the opening ceremony of spring semester for international students, various “China’s dreams” of different countries gathered in ECUST.

In spring semester of 2019, we should increase our diplomas and more importantly improve our abilities.

Spring 2019, warm Shanghai, fantastic world.

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