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2018 ECUST Enrollment Guide for Freshmen (Autumn Semester)


Registration Date: Sept.7th & 8th, 8:30 -11:00, 13:30 -16:00
Registration Venue: Admission Office (Room 104, Chenyuan building, 130 Meilong Road, Xuhui district)
Registration Procedures
1.Information Confirmation
2.Register for On-campus Accommodation
3.Pay Tuition and Accommodation fees (Cash or Card with Union Pay Logo)
4.Pay insurance fee (400RMB/half year, 800RMB/year)
5.Chinese Level Test for Language Students
6.Get Campus card and Welcome Package
Registration Documents
1. Admission Notice
2. Original Passport and First Page Copy
3. Visa Page Copy
4. 2 photos
5. Registration Form of Temporary Residence (Off-campus Accommodation)
6. Review of the Original Highest Degree Certificate and Transcripts and copy collecting.
Degree Students Academic Registration
Degree students must enroll at Academic Affairs Office of CIE after on-site registration(Room 105,Chenyuan building)
Chinese Language Students Collecting Textbooks and Class Timetable
Please take the Notice of Collecting Chinese Textbooks
Sept.12th & 13th, 8:30-11:00, 13:30 -16:00
Chinese Language Teaching Office, CIE (2nd Floor of Chenyuan building)
New Students Opening Ceremony and Campus Tour
Sept.14th, 9:00am
Assemble at the hall of Chenyuan building
Location: Lecture Hall of Yifu Building
Class Begins
1. Class begins for Chinese language students
Sept.17th  8:30am, Classrooms (2nd floor of Chenyuan Building)
2. Class begins for new graduate students
Sept.17th  8:00am. See schedule of different majors
3. Class begins for new undergraduate students
Sept.24th  8:00am. See schedule of different majors
Introduction of Chinese Law, Visa Policies and Safety Lecture
Sept.17th, 12:30pm
Assemble at the hall of Chenyuan
Location; Lecture Hall of Yifu Building
Physical Examination and Medical Report Verification for First Entry X1 visa holder for One-year Study or Above
Sept.22nd, 7:00am
Assemble at the lobby of Chenyuan building to the hospital by university bus
Necessary Documents and Fees:
1. Original Passport , Copy of Passport's first page and Visa page
2. Original and Copy of ECUST Admission letter in Chinese
3. 3 Passport-sized photos
4.  Fees: 500RMB
5. Original Physical Examination Report issued within 6 months in own country (if available)
Please be ON TIME and DON’T take any food!
Visa Extension Documents Collecting
Sept.28th & 29th, 8:30 -11:00, 13:30 -16:00
Admission Office, CIE (Room 104, Chenyuan building, 130 Meilong Road, Xuhui district)
Please bring passport, original admission letter in Chinese, 1 photo and temporary residence registration form.
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