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Public Notice on Admission List of 2018 SHANGHAI GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP for International Postgraduates


According to the Regulations of Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students, the admission result of 2018 Shanghai Government Scholarship for international postgraduates has been approved by ECUST Scholarship Evaluation Committee. The admission list is posted as follows:


1 20180504099 A Doctor's HUSSAIN MUHAMMAD HAMMAD   M Pakistan Biotechnology and Bioengineering
2 20180514223 A Doctor's SENAWIN SUTTHAWONGWADEE 张露心 F Thailand Pharmacy
3 20180412118 A Doctor's NOVSKAYA YULIA 尤里娅 F Russia Computer Science and Technology
4 20180128022 A Doctor's ELAJJANI AYOUB 阿尤布 M Morocco Mechanical Engineering
5 20180313163 A Doctor's QARAAH FAHIM ABDO ALI 法穆 M Yemen Environmental Science and Engineering
6 20180514179 A Doctor's SRISUKWATANACHAI TANAPON 张金发 M Thailand Social Management and Policy
7 20180316187 A Doctor's AMARJARGAL BADAMZUL 巴达玛珠拉 F Mongolia Social Management and Policy
8 20180510011 A Master's MBADINGA MANFOUMBI CHRIS MEL 梅尔斯 M Gabon Pharmacy
9 20180514078 A Master's GLAZACHEV ARTUR 阿尔图尔 M Kazakhstan Computer Software and Theory
10 20180419002 A Master's ANDALE LILIAN 依利安 F Papua New Guinea Environmental Science and Engineering
11 20180508008 A Master's HOSSAIN MD FAYSAL   M Bangladesh Environmental Science and Engineering
12 20180425151 A Master's TOLNO BLAISE TYETTE 黄炳岩 M Guinea International Trade Science
13 20180421066 A Master's GATTA ILARIA 毛莉莉 F Italy Enterprise Management
14 20180421105 A Master's KALINICHENKO NATALIIA   F Russia Business Administration
15 20180513086 A Master's HOSSAIN TANVIR 侯赛因 M Bangladesh Sociology
16 20180512030 A Master's DAVRUQOV ABUBAKIR   M Tajikistan English Language and Literature
17 20180510045 A Master's FIDINIAINA RINO TSIRY MAMPIHONONA   M Madagascar International Law
18 20180318114 A Master's DINH THI HUONG 丁香 F Vietnam International Trade Science
19 20180320082 A Master's OUL SOMNEANG 宋城 M Cambodia Food Science
20 20180514144 B Master's ALMOHSEN ALI ADNAN M   M Saudi Arabia Computer Science and Technology

The public notice lasts from June 21st to June 27th, 2018. Once expires, it will take effect if no objection is raised.


College of International Education
East China University of Science and Technology
June 20th, 2018

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