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Eurasian National University delegation from Kazakhstan visits ECUST


On March 20, five people from Eurasian National University visited ECUST, accompanied by an education official from Kazakhstan Consulate General in Shanghai.

During the conference, Bao Hua, vice President of CIE, expressed her warm welcome to the delegation of the Eurasian National University and introduced the overall development of the school and the educational internationalization to the guests, hoping that the two sides can further cooperation and carry out various forms of cooperation projects on the basis of previous further study pursued by excellent students of Eurasian National University

 Prof. Meiramkulova, head of the delegation of the Eurasian National University, expressed his heartfelt thanks for the warm reception of ECUST, gave a brief introduction about the basic situation of the Eurasian National University and showed a willingness to cooperate. The two sides also discussed the doctoral exchange program, short-term exchange project for winter and summer vacation, the graduates’ double degree project, the on-the-job training project and so on.

The two parties have expressed their expectation and confidence in the cooperation projects proposed at the conference, and showed their willingness to make efforts to achieve cooperation and development of two schools by active exploration and consultation.

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