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Regulations on Intership

Enforcement Regulations on ECUST International Student Internship Activity in
Shanghai (Trial)

According to the notice issued by Shanghai Exit and Entry Administration Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission on the Administration of Foreign Students' Internship Teaching Activities(Temporary), the following details are formulated:

1. Foreign students teaching practice activities, refers to internship activitiesorganized in accordance with the school education and teaching plan, and without labor remuneration (except car stickers, meal stickers)  

2. Foreign students engaging in teaching practice activities should meet the following qualifications:

a. Degree students and visiting students (language student excluded)

b. With residence permit for study issued by Shanghai Exit and Entry Administration Bureau (X2 visa excluded)

c. Engaging in the practice in two working units or above at the same time

d. The internship activity should be related to majors

3, Foreign students should bring passport and ID card with them during internship

4, During the internship, if information about passport, residence permit, or studying school has any changes, students must refill Internship Proof for International Students; If the internship unit changes, student should submitInternship Unit Opinion for International Student Teaching.

5, Internship activities without completing internship formalities or exceeding the scope of the time, address, unit recorded in Internship Proof for International Students will be deemed as illegal employment. Students of this type will be penalized by the administrative departments of Shanghai Exit and Entry Administration Bureau.

6. Specific procedures for the process:

7. The regulations shall come into force from the promulgation, if there is any difference from stipulated by national Public Security, Educational department, the People's Insurance or the Shanghai government, please take the latter stipulation as standard.

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