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To Future ECUSTers


Dear future ECUSTers,


Thank you for your interest in East China University of Science and Technology(ECUST).The upcoming session of the application and admission of international students(2020 fall intake) is still underway as scheduled. Online application requires completing within specified time in line with each program. (Deadline for submissions maybe postponed accordingly.For the latest information, please check ies.ecust.edu.cn or our Official WeChat Account ies_students). Documents reviews,phone or internet interviews will be adopted customarily. Application information and results can be accessed online through our system at apply.ecust.educ.cn with no bother of on-campus consultation. Questions regarding studying demands will get prompt replies through the system or cie@ecust.edu.cn.


All-out measures concerning epidemic prevention and control work have been taken by the Chinese Government to curb the spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia. Shanghai Municipal Government has issued the first-level response mechanism for major public health emergencies and implemented the most stringent scientific preventions. As ECUST battles the disease together with the government, concrete measures and regulations have been employed to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak and stipulate smooth proceeding of all academic instructions with no adverse effects. All ECUST faculty and staff members are sparing no efforts to keep abreast with students’ physical and mental soundness amid the recent outbreak of such epidemic.


Virus repects no borders and requires a collective response from the international community. With strong confidence,resilience and no laxity in efforts, China is bound to triumph over the virus outbreak.


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