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2018 ECUST Shanghai Government Scholarship Program


According to the Interim Regulations of Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students (hereafter referred to as the Scholarship), this detailed implementation for international students in ECUST has hereby been set forth.


The Shanghai Government Scholarships (SGS) is classified into A and B types.
Type A (Full Scholarship) ---for Master and Doctoral Programs
The scholarship will fund the recipients to cover their full tuition, comprehensive medical insurance, on-campus accommodation, and provide a monthly living allowance of 3000RMB/M for Master-degree students and 3500RMB/M for Doctoral students during their regular study period
Type B (Partial Scholarship) ---for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Programs
The scholarship will fund the recipients to cover their full tuition and comprehensive medical insurance during their regular study period.



1.    Applicants shall log on http://www.study-shanghai.org/Scholarship_en.asp, apply online and upload required documents, then download the application form and send together with the other application documents directly to College of International Education, ECUST.
2.    The application materials will be reviewed by College of International Education. And the results will be announced in June at http://ies.ecust.edu.cn/and the notice of receipt of the Scholarship will be sent to the winners.

1. Citizens with foreign nationalities and in good health;
2. Abide by the Chinese government’s laws, rules and regulations and school regulatory framework;
3. Study earnestly with excellent academic performance;
4. Applicants for the Doctorate program shall already have a Master’s degree and be under the age of 40;
Applicants for a Master program shall already have a Bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35;
Applicants for a Bachelor program shall already have a High school’s degree and be under the age of 25;
  5. Applicants shall not receive other scholarships offered by Chinese government scholarships or any other types of scholarships at the time of application.

1. Two copies of Application Form of Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students with signature downloaded from http://www.study-shanghai.org/Scholarship_en.aspafter successful online application;
2. Notarized highest graduation diploma and transcript, in notarized Chinese or English copies;
Applicants shall provide proof of studying on application. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.
3.    Personal Statement with no less than 1000 words for master degree applicants and 1500 for doctoral applicants. Content should cover academic background, work experience, academic achievement and master or doctorate study plan, personal development goals after graduation, etc.;
4. Original recommendation letters in English or Chinese from two professors or assistant professors;
5. Copies of certificate of HSK4 or above for Chinese-taught programs.
6. Proof of English proficiency for English-taught programs.
7. Already published paper title, abstract and other certificates and materials that can prove academic achievement and research ability;
8. Valid passport copy;
9. Physical Examination Record

1) Please mail the above-mentioned documents in duplicate to College of International Education, ECUST between March 7 and May 15. Whether or not the application is successful, the application documents will not be returned.
2) Please provide a valid email address in the application form for contact.


Recipients of the scholarship shall register at the university on time. Otherwise the scholarship will be withdrawn and the applicant will be considered to have automatically abandoned their studies.
VII. CIE will submit copies of the application material to the Shanghai Education Committee for registration one month after the evaluation.
VIII. Final interpretation of this detailed implementation is a right reserved by the College of International Education.

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