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Notice of Study Extension for Chinese Language Students


Winter holiday: Jan. 18th to Mar.4th
Registration date of new semester: Mar.5th
Study period of new Semester: Mar. 9th –July 4th
Earliest Dormitory Check-in date: Mar. 2nd; Latest Check-out date: July 6th


Dormitory check-out: before Jan. 19th, return room key to the reception of dormitory building and leave campus.


Application for Certificate of Completion: from Jan. 8th to 12th, go to Chinese Language Teaching Office (Ms. Yang) at the 2nd floor of Chenyuan building with 1 passport sized photo.
Note: For continuing student, please apply after completion of study before leaving school.


Chinese language (including scholarship) student who has already paid for 1 year study: please make registration for new semester at Admissions Office (Chenyuan room 104) on Mar.5th.


Chinese language student who wants to continue study in the coming semester, please follow the steps as below to process study duration extension before Jan. 10th.
Step 1 Collect the application form of Study Duration Extension from Admissions Office (Chenyuan room 104).
Step 2 Pay tuition, accommodation fee and insurance fee with this form.
Step 3 Get visa application documents with all receipts at Admissions Office (Chenyuan room 104) and then go to visa office for visa extension.
•    X2-Visa holders may apply for study type residence permit after physical examination at the designated hospital in Shanghai.
•    Study type residence permit visa holders can apply for extension without physical examination.

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