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Cultural feast – The 2nd International Cultural Festival at East China University of Science and Technology


The 2nd International Cultural Festival of East China University of Science and Technology co-hosted by CIE and School of Business opened at 11 am, October 27 on Xuhui Campus, with its theme as "Colorful ECUST, Diverse Culture." Bao Hua, vice president of CIE, hosted the opening ceremony attended by Vice President Wu Bojun who delivered speeches. Li Yongsheng, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department, Ni Wei, Minister of Student Affairs, Meng Lei, Assistant Dean of Business School, Liu Xianshan, Deputy Director of Professional Degree Center of Business School, and the 87th Academician of Chemical Engineering Nepalese Alumni Nielian were also present at the ceremony.

The student representative, Thamim, expressed his heartfelt thanks for the International Cultural Festival. "Thanks to the cultural feast held by college for us, which offers us the opportunity to share the cultures of different countries, deepen mutual understanding, and enhance our mutual friendship. I hope that we will be able to become the outstanding alumni of ECUST and make our own contributions to the development of the school in the next 10 or 20 years. "

A variety of programs have been prepared by Chinese and foreign students for the opening ceremony of the International Cultural Festival, which was filled with laughter and applause. This festival had booths for foreign students in more than 20 countries such as Germany, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Pakistan and Chad as well as two Chinese-style booths arranged by students from Hanfu Club and School of Business. Each booth had a rich and varied cultural display, with a variety of delicious Arabian lamb rice, chicken pie, Vietnamese spring rolls, specialty biscuits, fruit wine, goat milk tea, Pakistan Art Painting, Saudi Arabia Costumes and more. Falling in the middle of the 65th anniversary of ECUST, the festival attracted teachers and students in high spirits to join and interact with the international students on display.


Students said that the International Cultural Festival allowed everyone to enjoy the exotic culture in the laughter and make new friends while broadening their horizons. Simon, the only overseas student from Haiti, said: "Although there is no fellow for me in China, I really enjoy communicating with friends from different countries. It is a good opportunity today. " "I really enjoyed this year's International Cultural Festival. It is a worldwide event in which people get together and have access to food, art and culture from all over the world. " said Goukouni from Chad.

All teachers and students agreed that this year's International Cultural Festival was more innovative and influential than the first one in last year. It’s hoped that the International Cultural Festival will run better and better in the coming years.


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