Shanghai Government Scholarship

According to the Interim Regulations of Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students (hereafter referred to as the Scholarship), this detailed implementation for international students in ECUST has hereby been set forth.

I. Scholarship types and numbers to be awarded
   The scholarship is divided into Type A and  B

   Type A, as a full scholarship, covers tuition,accommodation; it provides insurance for major diseases and accidents; living allowance is offered monthly:3000 RMB for master student and 3500 RMB for PHD student. It is awarded to applicants for masters and above. The numbers to be awarded is 10 each year. 

   Type B is semi-scholarship, including tuition, basic learning material and accommodation.It will be awarded to applicants for masters and above. The numbers to be awarded is 6 each year.


II. Qualification :

1. Citizens with foreign nationalities and in good health;

2. Abide by the Chinese government’s laws, rules and regulations and school regulatoryframework; 

3. Study earnestly with good results;

4. Applicants for the Doctorate program must already have a Master’s degree and be less than 40 years old; 

  Applicants for a Masters Degree must already have a   Bachelors degree and be less than 35 years old; 
   Students shall not receive other scholarships offered by Chinese government during the same period.


III. Documents required for application

1.Two copies of corresponding Application Form of Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students.(The form can be downloaded from the website of IES : 

2. Notarized diploma and transcript, in notarized Chinese or English translation

3. Personal Statement with no less than 1000 words for master degree applicants and 1500 for doctoral applicants.Content should cover academic background, work experience, academic achievement and master or doctoratestudy plan, personal development goals after graduation, etc.

4. Already published paper title, abstract and other certificates and material that can attest to academic achievement and research ability;

5. Letters of recommendation from two professor or assistant professors.

6. Physical Examination Record


IV. Application time
     Applicants shall apply the scholarship before May 15th every year.


V. Evaluation
    Applicants should send the application materials directly to School of International Education , ECUST. IES will confirm the validity of the application material and send them to corresponding Schools for assessment and then collect them back. 

   The IES Student Scholarship Evaluation Committee will evaluate the application material. The evaluation results will be announced during the middle of June and the notice of receipt of Scholarship will be sent to the recipients. 


VI. Registration
     Recipients of the scholarship should register at the university on time otherwise the scholarship will be withdrawn and the applicant will be considered to have automatically abandoned their studies.


VII. The University will submit copies of the application material to the Shanghai Education Committee for registration one month after the evaluation.


VIII. Final interpretation of this detailed implementation is a right reserved by the  International Education School Scholarship Evaluation Committee.